EMP-Centauri is a leading Czech manufacturer and one of the most significant European producers of multiswitches, coaxial switches and accompanying accessories for reception and distribution of satellite TV signals.  EMP-Centauri products are exported to many countries in the whole world.  Team of EMP-Centauri workers builds on more than 15 years of experience with manufacturing in satellite reception business.  Thanks to this and unique technology of product design, EMP-Centauri is able to offer products at reasonable price while maintaining high quality and utility value.
Products of EMP-Centauri are made from newest components using powerful modern automatic SMD lines.  EMP-Centauri processes are ISO9001 certified.
Engineers in their development department together with production managers highly appreciate customer’s good experience with EMP-Centauri products as well as their practical comments.  Suggestions and experiences coming from customers motivate EMP-Centauri staff to improve product quality and specifications, to develop new models and types.  EMP-Centauri is conscious that only good approach to customer and acknowledgement of his needs and requirements is the cornerstone of company’s continued success.