Root6 Technology

LIBIREL COMMUNICATIONS LTD. are delighted to announce that they are now agents for ROOT6 Technology, the AMWA certified Workflow Management and Automation Tool, ContentAgent.

In a world characterised by the proliferation of digital file types, formats and standards, ContentAgent provides a central hub from which to manage all aspects of file-based workflow. Resolution independent transcoding ensures that, from the files you have, you can easily generate the files you need to work on, or the files you need to deliver.


ContentAgent’s elegant and intuitive user interface echoes working practices and provides all the tools you need to create and automate workflows from acquisition to deliverables in a secure, reliable and repeatable manner. Integration with ‘best of breed’ third party technologies facilitates such powerful features as automated file-based QC, disc publishing and advanced frame rate conversion.

Render Nodes

Used as a standalone system or integrated within a networked operation, ContentAgent is scalable with the addition of ‘off-the-shelf’ render nodes. In all cases, advanced CPU and GPU processing ensure outstanding performance.

Discover how ContentAgent can simplify and streamline your file-based operation and embrace the benefits already enjoyed by many of the world’s leading digital media organisations.

Options available include:


Film Bundle

  • Image Sequence Support (DPX)
  • Red Support including Red Rocket (Red Rocket card needs to be purchased separately)
  • Red 16 bit decode to 10  bit Avid Dnx HD  (require Red Rocket)

Broadcast Bundle

  • AVC Intra  Support
  • MXF Wrapping
  • QC Automation Control for Tektronix Cerify, Vidchecker and Interra’s Baton

Post Production

Editorial Bundle

  • Avid DNxHD
  • Avid Interplay Check in


DECLAN GOULDING +353 872 51 71 61 for further information