L-CAST is a Live Video Webcast provider.  We provide fixed permanent fixed installations or temporary installs for one off events.  Recordings of the events can be stored on the host site for playback.  Using our specialised knowledge, to select the best service and technology,  L-CAST broadcasts on the internet.  Our staff has a background in both broadcast systems and internet/streaming technology.  We have decades of experience in system design that ensures the minor details are completed as well as the top end technical challenges.

The internet provides an open platform for anyone who has content to share or deliver to a worldwide audience. To get from source to destination you need an in-depth knowledge of many technologies. L-CAST has this experience – cameras, audio, encoding, linking to servers, streaming, embedding video on web sites – we are a single entity that will complete the end to end task.

L-CAST uses the internet to broadcast the video and audio worldwide

L-CAST provides a reliable, affordable complete end to end solution – vision and sound at one end – viewing and listening public at the other end – both parties connected over the internet.  The streaming service takes source pictures, and sound, from the source location and presents them on a destination website viewable anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

L-CAST webcasting system provides a full service including video and audio hardware, encoding software, streaming servers and the placement of the video players on your website for your viewing public.

L-CAST provides an internet broadcast outlet for
     • sports events
     • religious ceremonies
     • community TV
     • distance education
     • corporate communication
     • and more…

L-CAST is based in Ireland